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Appointed Official(s)

Willie Norfleet, Jr.
Village of Maywood
Village Manager
Willie Norfleet, Jr.
Office Phone: 708-450-6301
Office Fax: 708-223-0303

Duties of the Village Manager:

Performs all the duties of Village Manager as set forth in Title III (Administration), Chapter 30 (Village Administration), Section 30.04 (Village Manager) of the Maywood Village Code, including but not limited to working as the Village Manager during regular business hours, as well as outside of normal business hours on an as-needed basis, attending all Village Board meetings, and performing any additional tasks or services within the scope of the duties of the Village Manager as requested by the Village President and Board of Trustees.

Willie Norfleet, Jr. is an award-winning Senior Executive in Public Administration with over 30 years of achievements in city management.  Having served as a City Manager in Texas, City Manager and Controller in California, Director of Finance in Missouri and City Administrator, Clerk and Treasurer in Minnesota, Mr. Norfleet brings a wealth of experience in cost-effective operations and high standards to Maywood.